2L Cream Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

2L Cream Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

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What's better than having a warm bed to go into on those cold winter nights?

Why not have something fluffy & cute that can heat you up within minutes?

This Extra Long Cover & Hot Water Bottle will soon be one of your little one's favourite night time teddy when they go to bed to sleep with comfort and some heat when its impossible to get one. 

The cover has an easy- access fastening at the back for quick filling and emptying of the bottle, and the bottle can be completely removed. 

This will certainly keep the bottom of the bed warm, or for use for those hard to reach back pains. 

The hot water bottle inside is 2L and is made from natural rubber, conforming to British Standards 1970:2006 Machine Washable.

The perfect gift for the one that is always cold!

Dimensions of Cover: 35cm x 20.5cm approx. 
Hot Water Bottle: 2L
Cover & Bottle Included.