Mini Bluetooth Portable Speaker with LED

Mini Bluetooth Portable Speaker with LED

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This speaker is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Elegant design of the speaker lets you look cool in front of friends.

It comes in a pretty colour of your choice.

It also has a colour changing LED light.

It fits into the palm of your hand, but yet it is uncompromising on performance.  

This speaker can be connected to any device which has Bluetooth enabled. It is compatible with almost all devices some of which are iPhone, iPod, Android phones, MP3 players and many more. Since this device is Bluetooth enabled, it supports wireless playback.

It also has a USB Port for charging and an AUX port support audio input.

This speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery which can be charged using a USB cable. The playback time for this speaker is 2 to 4 hours once fully charged.

The speaker also comes with stereo like surround sound, so that you can watch movies in a theatre like setting.

The speaker has a special combination of stereo sound and bass effect which is a distinct sound chamber structure which gives you impressive bass and perfect treble. It has a superb sound quality which will enable you to hear all the highs and lows of a song.

You can receive incoming calls through this speaker as it has a built-in microphone which gives clear sound quality. After the call is over, the song resumes automatically, without you having to do so externally.

Inside the box, you get the speaker along with a USB Cable for charging.