Ultrasonic Sonic Scaler (Tartar Removal Tool)

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This product uses a cleaning head with the same structure as that used by dentists, which can effectively remove obvious dental calculus. This is not as thorough as tools used by dental professions, and regular visits are still hughly recommended.
1. Ultrasonic vibration, intelligent high frequency vibration, 10800 vibrations per minute;
2. The integrated design of the fuselage integrates the contents of the traditional host into the handle, which is more convenient;
3. Medical grade alloy steel can easily remove dental calculus, tea stains and cigarette stains;
4, 5 levels of intensity adjustment, relaxing and comfortable;
5. IPX6 waterproof rating, healthier to use and clean.

Designed for families, simple, fast and efficient. Easily solve dental calculus, tartar & dental plaque at home.

Avoid some small troubles of going to the hospital: avoid queuing appointments in the hospital, avoid using public cleaning heads, and avoid bleeding and pain in the gums caused by the rough operation of some doctors.

Please note that this is not for removing stains.

Material: entrance grade silicone + plastic

Use environment: room temperature

Applicable people: Adult

Style: rechargeable (built-in battery)

Product size: 190*30.5*20.5mm

Product net weight: 53g

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Rated current: 200 mA

Standby current: ≤20ua

Battery specification: 300 mAh

Power adapter: 5V 500 mA

Charging time: less than 2 hours

Motor noise: less than 60 decibels

First gear speed 8321 times/min

Second gear speed 9787 times/min

Four-speed speed 12423 times/min

Third gear speed 11195 times/min

Five-speed speed 13320 times/min